Dish Story
Top Flr Vets. BYOB. Duck Confit Fries.
Smallest place ever.

Smallest place ever that’s BYOB.

Smallest place ever that’s BYOB and has duck confit fries.

Smallest place ever that’s BYOB and has duck confit fries and is brought to you by some Top Flr vets.

Yep. Dish Dive is one of those places that just sort of keeps getting better. It opens tomorrow for dinner in Decatur, and we’d suggest being excited about this.

You look like you could use some tips for navigating this microscopic wonderland...

Tip 1: Don’t bring more than two friends. Three tops.
There are only a few tables, a few folding chairs and one small counter inside. Also note that it’s really easy to miss. Most former wing joints attached to inconspicuous salons are. (See the slideshow here.)

Tip 2: Order all of the food.
Yes, the chef is a Top Flr guy. Which means slow-roasted-hen pot pies, lamb sausage dogs and duck confit fries with peas and provolone. Well, it does now anyway.

Tip 3: Make an adult-refreshments run first.
Again, BYOB. But it’s conveniently located right down the street from Ale Yeah, so growlers for the table aren’t out of the question.

Location, location, location.