Scoutmob Presents: The King of Pops, Orpheus Brewing, & Dish Dive’s Flavor Tripping Extravaganza

These magical M berries run a muck on your taste buds: rendering sours sweet, and the acidic splendid. Needless to say, Orpheus’ Atlalanta, The King of Pops’ Arnold Palmer, and Dish Dive’s fixins will never be the same after this experience.



What we’re about to tell you may sound more like a making of Willy Wonka’s wildest dreams, but let us assure you, this is a very real thing. Flavor tripping. First off, no need to question its legality. We assure you, flavor tripping is not shady in the least. This little “miracle berry” neutralizes your tastebuds that sense more sour flavors, hereby rendering lemons and limes into sweet candy-like citrus wonders; sour beers into sweet, sweet nectars; and our favorite tart pops into saccharine icy bars of bliss. (Grapefruit mint, you will never be the same.)

The existence of these magical little berries led us to wonder: what if we could get some of our favorite Atlanta flavors into the the same room for a magical evening of otherworldly edibles? We’ve assembled quite a dream team for you, Scouts. First off, our hosts: Orpheus Brewing. Not only are they located in the dreamy crossroads of the Atlanta Beltline and Piedmont Park, but they also happen to be the wiz kids behind many an incredible sour beer: Aristaeus, a vibrant and bright sour ale and Atalanta, their flagship brew that’s a bit of a wild and tart plum saison. You’ll be adventuring into your flavor tripping experience in the confines of their stunning tasting room, tasting the brews as never before. (As in, they’re usually sour – but they won’t be after your miracle berry!) 

To accompany your samplings of suds, you’ll have an array of edibles at your fingertips – most notably from our good friends at The King of Pops and Dish Dive. Yes, such timeless and signature flavors such as grapefruit mint, raspberry lime, strawberry lemonade, and – of course – Arnold Palmer, will be brought to new light when you have ‘em post-berry, that’s for certain. You’ll have small portions of a variety to consume, along with a whole pop of your own. (Because you’re going to want one.) And lest we forget the victuals from Kirkwood’s latest neighborhood staple, Dish Dive. Travis Carroll and Jeff Myers’ inventive and freshly made fixings are sure to make an impression on you, with or without the manipulation of your tastebuds. (An evening at Dish Dive is always a memorable one, but this event? It’ll go down in the books for certain.) They’ll have a couple of specially prepared dishes made specifically for the event, so prep your palettes. (If you’ve had a bite of their shakshuka or their playful takes on poutine already, you understand.) And for the most classic “flavor tripping” experience, us at Scoutmob will be providing a variety of teases for your tastebuds: tabasco sauce, limes, lemons, you name it. 

So rally round on the one of three nights of your choosing. You and 100 of your new found friends will have a world of flavor at your finger tips. It’s sure to be an adventure. (And don’t worry, we’re great tripping buddies.)