The 10 Most Important Atlanta Restaurant Openings of 2015

By Christopher Hassiotis | December 14, 2015

2015 was a big year for the Atlanta food and beverage scene, with long-anticipated restaurants opening alongside surprise newcomers. Many made an impact, while many others who opened may yet still. These 10 spots all influenced the way we dine, or are otherwise representative of the current state of Atlanta.


6. Dish Dive

Atlanta has plenty of glitzy culinary palaces whose construction cost multiple millions of dollars. We do that well. What we should do well too, but don’t do nearly as often, is the small neighborhood places that still turn out creative American cuisine crafted by thoughtful chefs. That’s just what the new Kirkwood spot offers — a modest (okay, tiny) space, modest prices, modest selections, and quality and flavors that are anything but, y’know…modest. A real gem.