Dish Dive

Sometimes, going to the other side of the tracks ain't so bad... Now, I know why Anakin went to the dark side. Because of this great little dive. If you blink you will fly pass it. The place is tiny, it really is like going to a friend's house for a dinner party. Except the food quality here is a lot better than the shitty casseroles, soggy twist off biscuits and terrible box brownies people bring to your house. Plus, you don't have to clean up here. Since coming back from NYC and eating at tiny dives like this, I was really digging what Travis and Jeff is doing here. There aren't many places like this in this town and we need more of them. The menu is small but diversified, the price point can not be any better, the quality is top notch and made fresh daily when they run out they run out, tough shit... And it's BYOB. Fuck me, am I dreaming? Let's go eat some tiny kitchen grub... Kinda like the tiny hamster eating tiny food. I love those videos!!! I hope the food is not tiny though because the pouch is not tiny by any scientific measurements... 


Oyster Po Boy. The bun was nice but the star is the fat plump crunchy oysters. These were pretty sizable, you don't find larger fried oysters down here unless you go to a Chino resto. I even liked that they switched it up a bit from the traditional French bread. It's different and it totally works here. I had them sub out the salad for fries since I couldn't eat a whole order of one of their Dive Fries and the hand cut fries alone were pretty good, might need a little more time in the middle but the garlic on top makes them addictive nonetheless. 


Wings. I love it that they serve whole wings. I prefer it that way. It's just tastes better. So, stop being lazy and wrap your nasty piehole around these tasty cheekan arms. The honey mustard vinegar sauce was a perfect balance of "sweet and spice"and the pickled veggies gave them that crunch needed to offset the savory. These were fat finga lickin' guud... Serio, I kept lickin' my stubby digits because the sauce was so sticky and tasty.


Brussels Sprouts. They didn't have the cauliflower on this visit but they sub it with brussels sprouts... Ah, fuck yeah. I know they're just as common as kale now but I have grown to loves these sprouts. The boiled peanut romesco was great, a nice nod to a southern tradition. The wax beans looked like french fries at first which was a nice laugh but it paired well with the rest of the dish. 


Pink Spaetzle. This was an interesting dish, not that anything on this menu wasn't... I was on the fence between this and the pork belly but the Pink always wins out in the end. Who doesn't like their tongue on a little pink? So, the spaetzle was made with beet puree, a refreshing different take on this noodle/pasta/dumpling thinger. Can't really taste any hint of beets but it was totally worth a try, the runny yolk was a nice addition to it. I don't know but runny yolks always makes things better. The composition of the dish sounded great but it was missing something on my taste buds... I know, pork belly! Get some bacon on there and this would be on another level. 


Love the simple menu... I wanted to order everything!

I can't say enough about how awesome it is to see this tiny resto concept thriving (like the tiny house movement)... The place was packed, not that it takes a lot of people to do that in here. I want to see more tiny places like this pop up with the great menu, ingredients, price, cozy space, real hood feeling... I mean you see it everywhere in NYC because of the lack of space but it is just cool. And I think the people will definitely support this type of dining. I can't wait to go back when they change up their menu... Love to see what they come up with next.

2233 College Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30317